By Sheryl George
Updated Sep 13, 2016 @ 2:30 pm
Credit: Steven A Henry/Getty

Gwyneth Paltrow, actress, green guru and beauty entrepreneur, knows a thing or two about looking good on the red carpet. So when we sat down with the Creative Director of Makeup, and saw that her skin was positively radiating, we just had to ask how she manages to maintain that baby fresh glow. We assumed her routine would be a multi-layered process of creams, serums, highlighters, plus gallons of green juice. To our surprise, Paltrow revealed that she relies on just one product (one!) to give her a boost in the radiance department: the Juice Beauty Instant Facial ($125; “It’s the greatest product I’ve ever used in my life, and I can’t believe that I made it,” she says.

Packed with alpha hydroxy acids and vitamin b5, this creamy mask helps brighten spots and softens fine lines while also hydrating. “It just takes the years off, and gives you this amazing glow,” she says. "It makes skin so soft – you loose all the little bumps.” After test-driving the mask, one staffer noticed that her skin looked considerably fresher. "It also allowed my makeup to go on much more smoothly," she reported. Now you know what our beauty team will be packing during fashion month!

*With reporting by Brianna Deutsch.