These $8 Pimple Patches Work So Well That It's Gross

Shoppers say they “outperform” similar products.

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These $7 Acne Patches Work So Well That It's Gross
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There's a certain feeling of disappointment that comes with looking in the mirror and seeing a fresh pimple. Blemishes are, unfortunately, a part of life, often showing up at the worst times like an uninvited party guest to your face. When acne strikes, there are many removal methods to try — but for a quick, no-fuss fix, slapping on a pimple patch is one of the easiest spot treatments.

Like any skincare product, pimple patches vary in size, quality, and even shape. All are supposed to act as a gunk-sucking covering, but in my experience, there's only one brand that's truly excelled in its ability to simultaneously gross me out and actually treat pimples: the Hanhoo Blemish Patch.

Hanhoo Blemish Patch Spot Treatment

Shop now: $8,

As someone who struggles with hormonal whiteheads, I'm admittedly a pimple patch superfan. For those new to this wondrous beauty invention, pimple patches are typically formulated with hydrocolloid, a type of bandage that's commonly used in wound care because it has the ability to soak up moisture. In the case of pimple patches, the hydrocolloid absorbs any bacteria, dirt, and liquid that might be inside your pore.

They're intended to be worn for a set period of time, and upon removal, you should see the remnants of your pimples visible on the stickers. It's gross, but it works. Made with hydrocolloid, the Hanhoo patches actually stay on my skin until I decide to take them off (unlike some other brands I've tried) and have worked wonders every time I've used them. As an added bonus, each package — which includes 72 patches for just $8 on Amazon — comes with two sizes of stickers, so I can target both large and small blemishes.

After gently placing the stickers on my pimples, I typically wait the recommended eight hours. Upon removing, I'm always both amazed and disgusted, marveling at the mound of pore debri that's right there on the used patch for me to inspect. For deeper, larger pimples, I sometimes opt to keep them on for multiple days, but for smaller whiteheads, one night usually does the trick.

I prefer to wear the patches overnight, but in a world where masks are now the norm — and since they're translucent enough to blend in — you could even keep them on during the day.

Thousands of Amazon shoppers are equally amazed by the results. One called the patches their "secret to healing zits practically overnight," while another said, "I have tried tons of different patches [and] these have outperformed all of them on so many levels."

One reviewer even considered the possibility that the patches were created with some kind of "black magic," writing, "I don't know [what] kind of sorcery these are, but they're legit magical. When I see a bump/zit forming now, I slap on one of these unicorns and instead of picking mindlessly, when I reach up to touch, I just feel the little magical dot and it's 1.) immediately gratifying because I know it's doing its black magic thing 2.) Literally protecting my skin. Most often, I don't even realize I've picked at something until it's too late. A few hours later, or in the morning, I peel the little guys off and BOOM, no more bump/zit. "

If you're ready to join me in this great beauty experiment (and you don't mind a little gunk), head to Amazon to try the $8 patches for yourself.

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