The latest celebrity to have us considering a finger tattoo.

Grimes - Lead 2016
Credit: Karwai Tang/WireImage

Grimes never fails to do what exactly what she wants when she wants (remember the time she documented her DIY haircut on Instagram?), which has also made her one of the most inspirational beauty icons. From her turn as a Stella McCartney muse to her never-ending hair color changes, she always has us on our toes. A valid example is last night when Grimes subtly shared that she got two new major pieces of body ink.

At first glance, we thought that Grimes was just expressing her sentiments about hump day (honestly, same), but turns out she was displaying a very large finger tattoo. Grimes captioned the photo, "slowly makin this hand happen," which we think means we can expect way more hand/finger tattoos in the future.

We didn't get a full glimpse of Grimes' second tattoo, but she did share a photo of herself getting inked on her ribcage (ouch!). Considering both Grimes' existing work and her tattoo artist's repertoire, we're sure the finished product is killer.

Both of the singer's new tattoos were done by London-based artist Delphine Noiztoy, who shared several additional photos of the process in case Grimes peaked your interest.

There also seems to be a general uptick in musician finger tattoos, with Kesha similarly debuting her new middle finger "smiley face" tattoo yesterday.