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Glossier Super Serums
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"You guys have been out of this baby for months and months... idk what's goin on back there in the lab but my skin has been dying from thirst all winter and y'all need to get on it sis," says one Glossier Super Bounce serum review.

"Please restock this soon! My skin is a mess without it!, reads a review of Glossier's Super Pure serum.

Glossier has finally listened to the outrage, cries, and demands of its fans. That's right: All three of the Super Serums are finally back. The reason the brand made Glossier stans wait for month upon months for a restock is actually pretty legit. Super Bounce, Super Glow, and Super Pure have all been reformulated with higher percentages in ingredients, so they're even more effective. They also conducted clinical trials on these new formulas, and repackaged them so they're now double the size and come in a 30ml bottle.

Like all of Glossier's products, the revamped serums are still affordable. They retail for $28 each or $65 for the complete set.

So, how do the improved Supers compare to the originals? Glossier sent me all three ahead of today's relaunch to find out.

Super Bounce

I remember the first time I tried the original Super Bounce because it was unlike any hyaluronic acid serum I've tried before. Instead of a clear, watery consistency, Super Bounce is thick and milky. I was skeptical, but it dried down clear, quickly, and didn't make my face feel tight. The same goes for the new formulation. It contains three different molecule sizes of hyaluronic acid to moisturize and plump skin, along with pro-vitamin B5 (found in avocados and lentils) for extra smoothness.

The Bottom line: Whenever I use it, my skin instantly feels as soft and supple as what I imagine baby Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor's feels like. I'm going to get through the bottle very fast, so I appreciate that Super Bounce now comes in a bigger size.

Super Glow

Aside from the size of the original Super bottles, the second biggest complaint reviews have is that Super Glow is too watery. Well, guess what? Glossier fixed that, too. The new formulation is thick and milky like Super Bounce, something I've never seen in a vitamin C serum. Now, Super Glow dries down nicely and the consistency makes it easier to distribute just the right amount of product so you aren't wasting any.

As for what the actual serum, it's the one to reach for when your skin is dull, and you're struggling with dark spots. The heart of the formula is a stable form of vitamin C and magnesium that makes skin look more glowy and even-toned without any irritation. Basically, your face will look lit. When I tested Super Glow, I used it like a traditional serum on days when I was tired and needed all the help I could get to look like I was able to sleep peacefully after watching Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile before bed. But, I discovered that a drop of the serum on my cheekbones makes for a great highlight, too.

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Super Pure

My skin has no chill. I suffer from hormonal breakouts, plus I have combination skin so my oily T-zone doesn't exactly do me any favors in the acne department. Super Pure is designed to treat existing zits and control excess oil to prevent future pimples. It's formulated with zinc, an ingredient that de-clogs pores and niacinamide (also known as vitamin B3) to improve texture. I patted Super Pure on the areas of my face where I'm prone to acne and oiliness, and noticed that these spots looked less slick all day.

The consistency is a lot thinner than the other two Supers, but it's not too watery that you end up applying too much of it. It dries down in a few minutes and doesn't feel sticky under makeup.

Glossier's new Super Bounce, Super Glow, and Super Pure are available now at glossier.com.