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Glossier SPF
Credit: Courtesy Glossier

There are two kinds of people when it comes to wearing sunscreen: Those who are adamant about applying it before leaving their apartments in the morning, and even reapply it throughout the day, and those who, well don’t even though they know better. If you fall into the latter category, no judgement, and we’re not going to use scare tactics to remind you just how important it is to protect skin from UVA/UVAB rays every day.

Instead, there’s a new sunscreen that will actually make you look forward to making sun protection part of your regularly scheduled skincare routine this summer. Today, Glossier launched Invisible Shield, a clear facial sunscreen with a formula that’s been two years in the making.

What makes Invisible Shield different from all the other facial sunscreens on the market? A lot, actually. It’s a clear serum that quickly absorbs into skin without clogging pores or leaving any greasy residue behind, and two-three pumps will go a long way. If you avoid wearing sunscreen because waiting for a heavy cream to set in before putting on makeup makes you late for work, this is the sunscreen of your dreams.

The SPF 35 formula is packed with active microcapsules that block UVA/UVB rays, a blend of vitamin E, vitamin P, broccoli, and aloe leaf extracts that protects skin against free radicals, and fermented yeast and vegetal extracts provide a shield against pollution. Good old H2O gives the formula its texture without any drying alcohol or greasy ingredients.

Along with the sprint-like absorbing time, our favorite thing about Glossier’s sunscreen is its subtle citrusy sent. Sweet orange essential oil adds a pleasant smell that’s a welcome change from other sunscreens whose weird scents rank up there with the dreaded ramen noodle smell of self-tanner.

And as expected, the sunscreen’s housed in a bottle that fits right in with Glossier’s signature minimalist chic packaging. But, instead of millennial pink, the brand has opted for a neon yellow and white color scheme.

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Expect to smell it at on every rooftop patio as well as the bottle littering your Instagram feeds this summer.