This Is the Best-Selling Facial Tool at Neiman Marcus

Photo: chrisellelim/instagram

No procedure can be filed under “beauty is pain” quite like microneedling. While the in-office treatment of puncturing your face with tiny needles may sound intimidating, it’s been proven to be effective for minimizing acne scars and signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging because the process kick starts the skin’s natural collagen production to heal itself on its own.

But while microneedling delivers impressive results, it also comes with an equally massive price tag that can range from $300-$600 per session. This is why the original creator of microneedling developed the GloPro MicroStimulation Facial Tool ($199; as a game-changing, at-home alternative to visiting a dermatologist’s office that bloggers like Chriselle Lim can’t stop using—and Neiman Marcus can’t keep on its shelves.

Just like its in-office counterpart, GloPro tool rolls overs wrinkles and scars like a zamboni while simultaneously delivering anti-inflammatory LED light therapy and vibration to stimulate trouble spots. Expect to see visible improvement after using the device 3-5 times a week, going over the area up, down, and horizontally, 4-10 times per use, then following up with the device’s accompanying serum. Along with promoting cell turnover, by penetrating the skin deep enough to each collagen, using the device will also help the skincare products you follow up with afterwards to be more effective. If that doesn’t sound sweet enough, the brand just released a body head attachment ($35; with an eye one soon to come.

Neiman Marcus’s Kelly St. John, Vice President, DMM, Beauty tells InStyle that having the same in-office technology from the original creator of microneedling in the comfort of your own home but with powerful clinical results, is what draws customers to make the purchase.

And it’s easy to see why. A microneedling session while you’re wearing your comfiest robe and watching Netflix is so much more appealing then trekking to a doctor’s office. Aside from initial redness, there’s no downtime after using it. This is what you’d call a win-win situation.

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