This Pore-Minimizing, Clarifying Serum Is Saving My Clogged Summer Skin

Shoppers say it gives you”glass skin.”

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During my teenage years, I looked forward to a specific aspect of aging: the end of breakouts and difficult skin. But as it turns out, your skin doesn't register your birthday and subsequently agree to cooperate. I'm continually reminded of this lesson with every hormonal breakout and bout of dryness, and this summer, it's being relayed by the most congested skin of my entire existence.

The relentless heat and subsequent sweat is also to blame for the clogged nature of my skin. In my quest to return my skin to normalcy, I have come to rely heavily on Glo Skin Beauty — first, its Hydra-Bright Exfoliant and now, the Beta-Clarity BHA Drops.

Glo Skin Beauty Beta-Clarity BHA Drops

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I consider the Beta-Clarity BHA Drops to be a toner-like serum thanks to the chemical exfoliant salicylic acid and glycolic acid. The serum is also made with retinol and panthenol (vitamin B). The smart combination of these active ingredients sheds dead skin cells, removes the bacteria and oils that cause blemishes, speeds up cell renewal, and repairs damaged tissue. In effect, this means a smoother complexion, lightened dark spots, minimized acne, de-congested pores, and moisturized skin. It's a tall order, but let me tell you, the Beta-Clarity BHA Drops actually do all of that.

I reach for it when my skin tells me to, rather than according to a specific routine — that means once every few days or twice a day. For example, if it rains for a few days and the blistering heat is brought down to a breathable, comfortable warmth without swampy humidity, I use the BHA Drops less often. But recently, there are beads of sweat on my face throughout the day and the oiliness of my skin is made worse by layers of sunscreen; in these conditions, I use the Beta-Clarity serum at least once a day.

I can also justify the price of this serum because it's so thin that only two drops are needed to cover my entire face and neck. After applying it, my skin instantly feels tight and oil-free. The rest of my products work better and ultimately, my complexion looks smooth and plump.

Dozens of reviewers have also given Glo Skin Beauty's Beta-Clarity Drops their stamp of approval. One wrote that it gives you "glass skin" by making your complexion look smoother and clearer. Another reviewer said their skin transformed in just a few days: "I noticed smaller pores and improved skin smoothness and tone… My skin feels tight and refreshed."

Head to Dermstore to find out more about the Glo Skin Beauty's Beta-Clarity BHA Drops and buy a bottle of skin-changing serum for yourself.

We independently research, test, review, and recommend the best products. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

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