This Vitamin C Mask Provides "Jaw Dropping" Results on Dark Spots and Acne Scars

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Gleamin Vita C Mask
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The brightening power of vitamin C is unmatched — the skin-loving nutrient can lighten dark spots, acne scars, and dullness quickly and effectively. While its benefits can be reaped from serums, creams, and oral supplements, one best-selling vitamin C facial mask may be all you need to address those skin concerns. The Gleamin Vitamin C Clay Mask is so popular, it's sold out 14 times since it first launched, according to the brand — and right now, our readers can try it for less with our exclusive discount code INSTYLE.

Gleamin founder Jordan Smyth wrote on the brand's website that the formulas are derived from "sustainable, ethically sourced superfoods," adding that they're designed for use on all skin types. A band of detoxifying and hydrating ingredients is just what you'll find within the mask: yellow clay unclogs pores to keep breakouts at bay, turmeric and aloe vera add a boost of antioxidants to soothe inflammation, and a bioavailable (fast-absorbing) form of vitamin C can give your skin a firmer, brighter appearance.

Gleamin Mask

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It's hardly a secret that vitamin C is beloved by skin experts. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Michelle Henry previously spoke with InStyle about vitamin C's benefits, sharing that the antioxidant is incredibly effective at reducing the effects of environmental aggressors. "The antioxidant activity of vitamin C protects against UV-induced damage caused by free radicals, which will prevent accelerated aging and skin cancer," Dr. Henry explained.

The dermatologist-tested formula can be applied across the entire face (with a focus on the T-zone), or used as a spot treatment two to three times per week. And according to the thousands of glowing reviews on Gleamin's site, you can expect "jaw dropping results" on hyperpigmentation, bumpy texture, dark spots, and scarring within just a few uses.

One shopper claimed that the day after using the mask, any blemishes had become "faint memories," while a second person said this treatment is the "only thing they can count on" to get rid of their dark spots.

Even more impressive, reviewers with sensitive complexions attested that the mask doesn't leave skin irritated. Instead, many users have noticed their complexion is "glowing like never before."

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