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GLAMGLOW took care of the clogged pores on your nose with their best-selling mud mask, and now the brand is tackling your tired 3 PM skin with a new refreshing face mist that is basically like a cup of coffee for your face.

You know the dullness and plain exhaustion that shows up on your face after your makeup has worn a bit...and especially after a morning full of urgent emails? The brand's new GLOWSETTER mist ($32; sephora.com) revives your complexion and your foundation with a formula infused with caffeine (so actually like a cup of coffee) and the brand's signature TEAOXI technology complex, which consists of a blend of green, red, and white tea to fight environmental stressors.

These ingredients work together to soothe, protect, and hydrate your skin while helping to keep your makeup looking fresh and in place as the day ticks on.

And if you shy away from face mists because they're too wet, the GLOWSETTER will officially convert you. The liquid is dispensed from the nozzle in an incredibly fine mist that gently lays on your skin and won't drip down your face. On top of all that, it's cooling and has a light creamy vanilla-like scent.

We tested it mid-afternoon before our second coffee run for the day and felt it helped bring back a glow, but more importantly, it totally eliminated that dry, tight, uncomfortable feeling in our faces.

So you might still need the tall drip coffee from Starbucks to function as a human, but at least your skin will look good.