This Fancy Pube Oil Is One of My Most-Used Beauty Products During the Pandemic

Yes, you read that right.

Fur Oil Review
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Anyone who waxes or shaves knows that keeping up with hair removal feels like a part-time job. As for dealing with ingrown hairs and razor burn, well, that's a full-time gig.

In the "before times," Brazilian waxes were a part of my high-maintenance beauty routine. While I've still (safely) been getting waxed since salons opened up last summer, I'm going longer than I usually would between appointments — and have even shaved a few times (don't tell my waxer).

This oil has come in clutch, for the times I've given myself razor burn, have a painful ingrown, or when I'm simply keeping my pubic hair au natural. Fur's Fur Oil is a blend of natural oils including softening jojoba, hydrating grape seed, antimicrobial tea tree, and antibacterial clary sage. The formula is also cruelty-free and gynecologically tested.

Specifically formulated for pubic hair and the area it grows, Fur softens skin and pubes, curbs post-shaving redness and irritation and cuts down excess sebum to prevent pores from clogging, thus causing ingrowns.

Fur Oil Review

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I've sworn off face and hair oils after ruining too many pillowcases, so I worried about this one leaving grease streaks on my clothes, too. However, Fur absorbs quickly and doesn't feel wet or slimy after you put your underwear on.

Expect to your skin and pubes to feel instantly soft and smooth after the oil dries down, and with continued use, it's drastically cut down the number of ingrown hairs I get. And the ones I do get aren't so deep and don't look so red and pissed off.

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While Fur is meant to be for your pubic area, its benefits also go above the waist as well. The oils in the formula can be used for the hair on your head to help nourish and repair dry split ends, as well as a cuticle treatment.

To top it off, the packaging is minimal, chic, and I wouldn't hide it in my medicine cabinet if I had a guest staying in my apartment....whenever that's possible again.

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