Shoppers Have Found So Many Uses for This $9 Ice Roller Beyond Getting Glowing Skin

Hot flashes, headaches, jaw pain? Roll it all away.

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Fronnor ice roller
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There's nothing quite like the bounce and hydration of a good serum, or the thick, creamy texture of a moisturizer. But when it's hot or when your skin is not feeling its best, certain products can feel more smothering than refreshing. For those particularly sweltering days, Amazon shoppers have found a cooling skincare tool that feels good no matter what's going on.

Enter: the Fronnor ice roller, shoppers' instant solution to puffy faces, hot flashes, headaches, inflamed skin, and sweaty nights. Its roller head pops off and can be slipped in your freezer, so you have a cooling treatment ready to go every time you need one.

Fronnor Ice Roller for Face,Eyes

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"I have used it two days now and the swelling in my face has already gone down a lot," wrote one pleased shopper. "I have allergies and edema so I'm always puffy! I have been rolling it back and forth along my jawline and under my chin and neck. My double chin looks like it's slowly fading away. My skin got soooo baby soft and my pores seem smaller."

Another reviewer described, "Between allergies, tears, and general relaxing this thing is WONDERFUL to reduce swelling and puffiness after a long day or first thing in the morning." Wrinkles can also be targeted according to one person: "This decreases puffiness and lines around the eyes," they wrote. "My skin has more color and glow after each use. It also helps with headaches. It is very relaxing and pleasant."

It's not just reviewers backing the power of ice rolling either, science has also proven how beneficial it can be. As Rachel Nazarian, M.D. told Shape, "The cooling action constricts blood vessels, which leaves skin looking tighter and temporarily decreasing redness, making for an overall fresher and brighter appearance."

Although it's a skincare tool, reviewers have found relief in more ways than just de-puffing. Some have used it to ease painful sunburns, others have relieved headaches with a rolling session, and others found that sweaty nights (caused by summer temperatures, hot flashes, or fevers) are also much easier to deal with when you have an ice roller. Plus, the chill lasts for hours, according to shoppers.

"It only takes a couple of minutes to freeze and then you get to enjoy the coldness for hours," explained a satisfied reviewer.

No offense, but your jade roller and jars of products really can't do anything like that. Save your skin with an icy facial massager that goes the extra mile in keeping your skin feeling and looking its best — that sticky summer heat simply doesn't stand a chance.

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