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This Vitamin C Moisturizer Hydrates My Oily Skin Without Leaving It Greasy 

It immediately soothes any inflammation and redness.
By Maya Gandara
Sep 19, 2020 @ 7:30 am
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For anyone with oily skin, the thought of slathering on a super emollient moisturizer both morning and night is a huge no. I know the feeling all too well and deal with naturally greasy skin on a regular basis. It's the reason I often avoid implementing facial oils into my regimen and lead with caution when selecting the next product to test for my job. It wasn't until an invitation to try Freck Beauty's Cactus and Vitamin C Rich Bitch Moisturizer arrived in my inbox that I at last discovered a moisturizer capable of hydrating my skin without leaving it slippery. 

Beyond Freck Beauty's playful packaging, its formula is what initially drew me in. The words prickly pear seed oil and kelp extract don't make the ingredient list of many skincare products, but upon first application I wondered, why not? Both of them are godsends for soothing inflamed skin, reducing redness, and lightening any hyperpigmentation. Additionally, cactus seed oil extract and vitamin C add a healthy dose of hydration and keep the skin plump and firm. These curing properties are the main reason why I've come to swear by this moisturizer

I'll admit, the thick, rich texture and additions of jojoba oil and coconut oil had me uneasy for my oily skin type, but after a couple months of consistent use, I welcome all the nourishment with open arms. I apply Rich Bitch both morning and night and find a pea-sized amount is all I need to cover the entirety of my face and neck. My skin is left feeling ultra hydrated, but not so buttered up that I can't immediately apply a full face of makeup after. 

If you struggle with oily skin, I recommend you grab your own tube of Freck Beauty's Cactus and Vitamin C Moisturizer at Nordstrom for $32. I love to pair it with the matching eye cream, So Jelly Cactus Eye Jelly with Plant Collagen, for the ultimate anti-aging skincare duo. 

Freck Beauty Rich Bitch
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