But you’ll feel OK wearing it in 2017. 

By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Apr 20, 2017 @ 5:30 pm

A fruity Bath and Body Works collection was a pretty stellar gift back in the day. But one that came with a color-coordinating Art Stuff roll-on body glitter? That was the jackpot. Since then, trends dictate we save the shimmer for our cheekbones and eyelids, but we're not going to lie, we're nostalgic for the glitz on our arms and legs. Luckily, frank body is letting us travel back in time with body glitter in the most modern way possible with a brand new product.

Instead of a roll-on gel, frank body gave its signature coffee scrub a makeover your early aughts self would approve of by adding in mica particles that reflect light and give your skin a slight shimmer. Think of Shimmer Scrub ($20; frankbody.com) as highlighter for your stems—and less like chunky specs of glitter.


After using it, we can attest that it gives off a pretty sheen and radiance that is totally acceptable for 2017, but it will still fulfill any part of you that still wishes you could wear platform flip-flops, halter tops, and even maybe some butterfly clips.

Apart from the mica, it's actually a pretty good-for-you skin treat. The light brown grainy formula (kinda looks like brown sugar, right?) is made with salt and sugar to exfoliate dead skin cells, grapeseed oil and vitamin E to nourish and hydrate, and coffee seed powder to further exfoliate and smooth out the surface of your skin.

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Now all you need is a shower to test it out... and maybe a Destiny's Child hit to sing while you're in there.