By Wendy Rose Gould
Jun 15, 2016 @ 9:45 am

Etsy seller AubreyEApothecary's food-shaped soap game is strong. So strong, in fact, that just looking at her soapy creations will make you salivate, and may even fool you into thinking it's the real deal.

For example, these Cinnamon Bun Soaps are virtually impossible to tell apart from the actual food, and this corn on the cob soap is scarily realistic. She also makes soap in the shape of sushi, beer, pretzels, donuts, toast (with butter), cookies, ice cream sandwiches, and tons more.

"I always make my bath confections while blasting music, and I'm often caught red handed dancing *VERY* badly to fun hip hop with soap all over myself and a grin across my face," she writes in her Etsy bio. Clearly, this woman has a lot of fun making soap, and she's bringing the joy to her buyers, as well. Just look at these:

Tell us you don't want a pretzel after seeing this picture.

Fresh teacup soaps ready to be packaged. I could use a real eggnog right now!

A photo posted by Aubrey (@aubreyeapothecary) on

Teacup soap? Yes, please.

Salivating yet?

Toast soap making today! Oh #carbs. How I love you 😘

A photo posted by Aubrey (@aubreyeapothecary) on

How does it look so real? Whaa??


Lots of cinnamon bun soaps going out for #mothersday! 💐

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Soap that looks like tiny pies? Heck. Yes.

OK, Aubrey, you can just take our wallets.