I Spent My Saturday Night in a Tub with a Bath Fizzy and I Have #NoRegrets

Oh, what a milk and honey bath can do...

Bubble Bath Lead
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Listen, I'm no stranger to a nightlong soak in a tub. Honestly, if I'm not answering my text messages, that is very likely what I'm doing. That being said, I'm also fairly social, so I'm not likely to forgo a night out with friends unless I really need it. And this past weekend? Good god, I needed it.

My solution to my problem was to seek refuge at my parents humble abode in the suburbs. More specifically, their enormous bath tub. Saturday night, while my homies were out and about in Montauk like the chic millennials they are, I was in repose in a bath tub—a large bathtub, that allows me to sit with water up to my shoulders without it overflowing. It's magical, but that's not entirely the point. My skin felt a little sore and irritated last week, mostly because I skipped moisturizing my arms and legs post shower more than a couple times. As a result, I really needed to calm and moisturize by bod ASAP.

So what did I do? I plopped a bath bomb by Fizz & Bubble in my tub. You might be thinking, a bath bomb? Really? Yes, really. This particularly bath fizzy as they call them was the Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey version ($10; fizzandbubble.com). It's not super scented, but it's essentially the fun and bubbly version of an Aveeno oatmeal bath that your mum would use on you when your skin was sore as a child. So, not only do you get the nostalgia comfort factor, you also get the important skin soothing factor with calming agents like oatmeal, milk, and honey. All classic ingredients for a calming bath.

Oh, and the lovely fizzing action, that's a bonus. I spent about an hour, maybe two, soaking and reading (Girls on Fire, if you were wondering) and it was divine. The water started to get lukewarm, which honestly was pleasant in the heat, and I emerged from the bath with skin that was significantly less irritated and annoyed at me than it was before.

Not gonna lie, I might leave a stash of bath products at my family home to use as an excuse to go and use their tub.

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