Face Mask - Lead 2016
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I am all about sensorial experiences and convenience when it comes to my skin-care routine, so when I discovered Parisian brand Filorga's Scrub & Mask ($59;, I was pretty intrigued. It's marketed as a two-in-one "reoxygenating exfoliating mask" that first exfoliates your skin with perlite spheres, and then morphs into a mousse-like mask that foams and bubbles on your skin. These oxygen-filled micro-bubbles are meant to allow your skin to breathe and promote cell regeneration.

To use, you first apply a thick layer and then massage it into your skin. The scrub itself is very gentle, but I found that it effectively exfoliates and buffs away dead skin cells and gunk sitting on the surface of the skin. After scrubbing, you let the product sit on your face and, within 30 seconds, bubbles start forming. Fair warning: This is a very peculiar sensation that sort of tickles. That said, it's pretty satisfying to watch the bubbles form and then start disappearing. Once all the bubbles have popped, it's time to rinse.

Filorga Scrub & Mask - Embed 2016
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In the end, the mask left me equal parts giddy (since the bubbles do kind of tickle) and equal parts impressed. It also left me with a clean, hydrated, clear face that I wanted to keep caressing because of how soft my skin felt. So if you catch me petting my own cheeks, you know what's up.