Meet CoQ10, the Skin-Firming Ingredient Behind the Serum Shoppers Call "Magic for Texture and Fine Lines"

The antioxidant is a key anti-aging ingredient that increases collagen production in the skin.

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Meet Coq10 the Skin Firming Ingredient Behind the Serum Shoppers Call "Magic For Texture and Fine Lines"
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Coenzyme Q10 — or CoQ10 — is not a new skincare ingredient, per se, but it is gaining space in the skincare industry over the last year or two. It's a strong, anti-aging ingredient with research-backed evidence proving its skin-firming and wrinkle-reducing benefits, and it's also the star of Exponent Beauty's Firming Filter Powder Serum that shoppers have dubbed "magic for texture and fine lines."

Unlike hyaluronic acid or vitamin C, CoQ10 is not (yet) a household name — it's common in Japanese skincare and is slowly making its presence better known in Western markets, so allow me to elaborate on what it is and how it works: CoQ10 is a naturally occurring antioxidant compound found in the human body that creates the energy that makes your cells effective. Like collagen, your body's amount of CoQ10 decreases with age — which is a bummer since it's been shown to reduce the depth of wrinkles, combat UV damage, keep the skin barrier strong, prevent moisture loss of the epidermis, and improve the building blocks of collagen and elastin to firm skin. But the good news is that Exponent Beauty's Firming Filter Powder Serum can offer all of these benefits by incorporating the key ingredient.

coq10 the Skin Firming Ingredient

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I just threw a lot of science at you, but I'm hoping the takeaway is that this isn't snake oil. It's an anti-aging product created with CoQ10, an incredible firming and anti-aging ingredient in a topical delivery system that ensures the best results.

"My skin feels so firm and looks so radiant after using this," one five-star reviewer said. While it is expensive,one shopper said it's "worth every penny," and another glowing reviewer said they saw "tighter and firmer" skin after only a few days.

All Exponent Beauty serums come in powder form wherein the CoQ10 is essentially dormant, so it'll never oxidize or expire the way a vitamin C product turns orange or a serum stops working. To activate, mix it with the Quadruple Hyaluronic Acid Hydrator liquid. This way, your first use of Firming Filter will be equally as powerful and effective as the next. If you've ever been to an esthetician and watched them mix the formula for your treatment in front of you, this is why they're doing it. So with the CoQ10 Firming Filter System (which includes the powder serum, the hydrator, and two mechanisms required to disperse and combine), you have a professional-grade product at home.

One final note: The $166 price tag is more economical than it may seem. That is only the price if you are a first-time buyer; it includes the Quadruple Hyaluronic Acid Hydrator and its Activator Base, along with the powder serum and its Precision Dispenser. If you were to add an additional Exponent Beauty serum to your routine, you'd simply get the $88 active powder refill, which can be used with your existing hyaluronic acid base.

Head to Exponent Beauty to shop the $166 Firming Filter CoQ10 System, or simply find out more about this innovative approach to skincare.

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