Eye Cream Connoisseurs Say This One De-Puffs Bags "Almost Instantly" — and It's 40% Off

200 other eye creams don’t compare, per one reviewer.

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Eye Cream Connoisseurs Say This One De-Puffs Bags "Almost Instantly" — and It's 40% Off
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As a cat lover of many years, I've learned that the trade-off for endless snuggles and heart-melting moments is sacrificing any semblance of a quiet morning. Every day, I'm woken by early A.M. cries outside my door demanding cuddles and bed access. Worth it? Yes. Exhausting? Also yes, so it pays to have a depuffing eye cream on hand like Eight Saints' All In Eye Cream for some relief.

Eye creams can be hit or miss, but according to users who are fanatical about the category, the indie brand's frosted green tub houses a spectacular formula. Per a reviewer who's tried an estimated 200 eye creams (whoa), Eight Saints' eye cream made a difference in their eyes' puffiness "almost instantly," and more people confirmed it's the best product they've tried for their dark circles and fine lines.

If this is your first time hearing about Eight Saints, I don't blame you — the under-the-radar brand hasn't popped up in major beauty stores yet, but with its commitment to quality ingredients, it's likely just a matter of time. The clean brand forgoes suspected endocrine disruptors and irritants in lieu of ingredients with pristine track records; in the All In Eye Cream, you'll see squalane, vitamin C, cocoa butter, avocado and jojoba oil, and glycolic and lactic acid.

Eight Saints eye cream

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With those at work, even people who said their under-eyes looked like "blue, semi-circular bruises" saw a change: After a couple of weeks, their circles were "super-brightened." Others commented on how it made their fine lines look "plumper [and] less noticeable," a profound effect belied by the cream's lightweight texture. As a last shopper wrote, the results are readily apparent. After seven days of using it, a friend said they looked great despite a streak of sleepless nights.

The cherry on top is that ahead of Amazon Prime Day, Eight Saints' All In Eye Cream is marked down 40 percent — so while the buy will usually run you $44, today you can get it for $28. It won't stop cats from meowing or the world from burning, but it might somewhat hide the situation from your skin.

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