3 Editors on What Pore Strips Can Really Do for Your Nose

Pore Strips - LEAD
Photo: Sarah Balch

Instantaneous results is a hope that comes with every skincare product we use, but pore strips take that desire to another level. Not only are they meant to quickly unclog your pores from potentially zit-causing dirt, debris, oil and blackheads, but when you peel the little sticky off, you can actually see if they worked—not only on your face, but also on the strip itself. Hey, we’re not saying it’s glamorous, but you can’t deny that it’s intensely satisfying.

We decided to act on our love for immediate gratification and put three classic strips to the test. Keep scrolling to find out the exact strips we stuck on our noses and how they performed.

Pore Strips - 1
Sarah Balch

The Strips: boscia Pore Purifying Black Strips ($28; sephora.com)

How They Worked: "A lover of charcoal, I was excited to see if the black strips would have more power thanks to its detoxifying ingredient. Like any strip, you were meant to wash your face and apply it to a wet nose and wait for about 20 minutes. I really cleansed so my pores were open and ready. The pores on my nose were slightly clogged, so I was hoping to see a difference. After the waiting game, I pulled off the super sticky strip to see some gunk (really gross, I know) which was clearly sitting in my pores. Blah! I looked in the mirror and saw a slighty difference on certain areas. I would definitely use these again and incorporate them on a regular basis." — Victoria, Digital Beauty Editor

Pore Strips - 2
Sarah Balch

The Strips: Dr. Jart+ Pore Master Patch ($35; sephora.com)

How They Worked: "I have really oily skin and usually notice more buildup around my nose and T-zone area. The pore strips definitely helped with excess oil in this area and my foundation applies a lot smoother in that area after using this product. The first strip made my nose noticeably more cleaner and my pores tighter. The second strip added moisture to really keep the area smooth, which makes my makeup apply great in this trouble zone." — Chante Dyson, Editorial Intern

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Pore Strips - 3
Sarah Balch

The Strips: Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips ($8; walmart.com)

How They Worked: "These strips are incredibly easy to use and really satisfying. Prior to application, I gave my face a thorough cleansing, but the pores on my nose felt clogged and slightly rough to the touch despite the scrubbing. Not the case post-strip! The trick is to wet your skin with plenty of water before sticking one on and then steadily peeling it off after it has completely dried. The result? A dehydrated paper dotted with oils and dirt. Definitely gross, but I can’t complain about my nose’s newly smooth skin."

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