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If you’re one of those people who eats breakfast every single morning but consistently forgets to apply your antioxidant-rich serum and moisturizer, slacking on your AM skincare routine, Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest beauty innovation will speak to you.

goop, the wellness and beauty brainchild of the actress and lifestyle guru, just debuted its first-ever dietary skincare product, meaning a skincare formula that you can drink.

goopglow morning skin superpowder ($60; goop.com) is a powder that you add to cold water to enhance your skin’s support system and help build collagen, therefore giving it a healthy, supple glow.

The powder includes six planet-based antioxidants and ingredients that all work together to cater to your complexion. The main players? You have grape seed polyphenols, vitamin C and vitamin E, for growth, collagen synthesis, and to protect against free radicals and the sun. There’s also coenzymeQ10 which supports cellular energy and defend against free radicals, as well. Finally, there’s lutein and zeaxanthin to protect your skin from environmental factors like UV rays and ward off brown spots, AKA photo-aging. The brand took it a step further by ensuring that each batch is tested for quality and authenticity by a third party.

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The serving size is one packet a day, though you should consult your doctor before adding it to your routine. All you do is dump the packet into 8 fl oz. of water, stir, and drink. When mixed with water, the liquid turns an orange hue that is similar to orange juice and has a subtle citrus-y taste.

This shouldn’t replace your serum, moisturizer, and SPF, though. Think of it as an everyday booster to your routine—maybe just one that’ll make your breakfast—and getting up in the morning—that much more enjoyable.

Thirty packets will set you back about $60, or $2 per packet when you do the math. Chances are, that’s way less than the power shot you indulge in at your local juice bar.

You can score goopglow now on goop.com.