Users saw a noticeable difference in as little as two weeks.

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Dr. Grossman Serum
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If you’re overwhelmed by the stressors of daily life, the effects may start to materialize on your face as worry lines and dull skin. Whether your lifestyle is normally chaotic, or your skin tends to take a hit during periods of high anxiety, a soothing skincare routine — or even just one product — can help keep things in check.

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare created a serum for just this purpose: the Stress Rescue Super Serum. In this formula, niacinamide (B3), adaptogens, and superfoods all work together to reduce the increase of fine lines and wrinkles, redness, and uneven texture that may arise during high-stress periods.

Niacinamide helps to retain hydration and moisture, working to turn back the clock on fine lines while calming down redness, minimizing pore size, and balancing out oil that may contribute to breakouts. Ashwagandha targets the skin's reaction to stressors by improving the look of dark spots and sagging skin thanks to its potent antibacterial properties. And the patented B3Adaptive SuperFoods blend of goji berries, maca root, cacao, and maitake mushroom resolves patches of redness, brightens drab skin, and evens out skin tone — all while protecting your complexion from external stressors.

While the benefits of this super serum may seem too good to be true, it has proved to be a customer favorite, with over 5,300 hearts from fans. “Ran out of this magic stuff and ignorantly tried another serum that promised the same things and boy did I make a mistake,” writes one shopper. “This serum soothes my redness, smooths my texture and helps tighten my pores as if they were wearing a pair of Spanx! I will never go without this stuff!”

The anti-stress serum is vegan and cruelty-free, and it’s formulated without parabens, formaldehydes, mineral oils, and other harsh ingredients. Give your skin a break, and add the Dr. Dennis Gross Stress Rescue Super Serum to your shelf.

Dr. Dennis Gross Stress Rescue Super Serum with Niacinamide
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