Winter Dryness Doesn't Stand a Chance Against This Mask

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One of the only downsides to seasonal weather changes is that your skin probably ends up being collateral damage. Sure, you might not be as oily as you were when we were slowly cooking to death in the heat dome that was the entire month of August, but I'd argue you're at least experiencing some mild to moderate dryness due to the cool and slightly erratic weather.

Dryness ain't fun, nor is it comfortable. It can also mess up the way your makeup applies on your face, which is just plain annoying. It's in moments like these I like to reach for something a little more intensive to up my hydration levels. The newest mask from Dr. Dennis Gross is not only super fun to use (and put on social media), but it's also incredibly effective. Find out why you should add it to your routine as a hydration super-booster.

What It's Called:

Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Hydrating Modeling Mask

How Much It Will Set You Back:

A fancy entree plus tip or... $46;

What Makes It Special:

You get to play chemist with this product. Right up the alley of any little girl who used to make potions out of her mom's beauty products for fun (RIP full bottle of Chanel N*5 that I dumped out for the purposes of entertaining myself). You have step one, the hyaluronic cushion gel, and then step two, which is the activating powder. You mix them together to create this really fun blue goo that you mold over your mug with a spatula and then you wait. And by wait, I mean take a million selfies and send them to your bff and/or boyfriend to inevitably get a priceless reaction out of him.

While you do this, this mask works to revive your oxygen exchange in your skin, plumping out lines and reviving your dull, dehydrated face. What makes this possible? When you smear this all over your gorgeous face, you create an occlusive barrier, which essentially is a water-tight, sealed environment in which the humectant ingredients can hydrate your skin, and an algae calcium complex draws out heat to cool your skin. It's a very pleasant experience and taking the mask off is a very satisfying exercise.

Who's It For?

Anyone who needs more moisture (or fun) in their life—so all of us, really.

When to Use It:

Once a week or so.

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