Sephora can take our money now.

By Christie Calucchia
Jul 15, 2020 @ 2:27 pm
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ECOMM: Dr. Dennis Gross Acne Gel Launch
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Between stress breakouts and maskne, simply living in the time of the coronavirus pandemic isn’t exactly good for your skin. Thankfully, celebrity-approved skincare brand Dr. Dennis Gross just dropped a new product to help combat that new crop of pimples you may notice after every face-covered excursion or spiral news scroll on your phone.

The new acne-fighting gel decongests pores, controls oil, kills bacteria, and reduces inflammation. Its lightweight formula contains zit-zapping powerhouse salicylic acid and azelaic acid to get rid of acne-causing bacteria. Aloe, green tea, and ferulic acid soothe the skin, while niacinamide — another regular in the skincare connoisseur lexicon — clears pores, absorbs oil, and minimizes scarring.

Finally, the secret ingredient, monk’s pepper, helps correct the skin’s oil chemistry, preventing future breakouts. Historically, the natural ingredient also known as chasteberry was used to lower one’s libido — though that theory has since been debunked — and, more recently, relieve PMS symptoms. Now, Dr. Dennis Gross is using the tree extract to inhibit glands from producing thick oil that can easily clog and lead to acne.

To get the best results, squeeze a small amount of the gel on your finger and apply a thin layer directly to your breakouts. The brand recommends working your way up from one to two or three applications a day so your skin can adjust to the gel’s drying effect. If your skin starts to peel or the treatment feels too intense, just scale it back to one application a day. 

Although the Acne Eliminating Gel is still brand new, it already has one rave review on Sephora from a former skeptic that’s worth your attention.

“I used this on a huge acne bump that was emerging on my face. Normally, these types of monster bumps cause pain for at least a week. After the first night of using this gel, the monster was already going back into its cave, and the redness seemed to disappear,” the reviewer wrote.

Grab a tube of the lightweight yet potent gel from Sephora to be one of the first to experience its pimple-diffusing powers.

DR. DENNIS GROSS SKINCARE DRx Blemish Solutions™ Acne Eliminating Gel
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