The Foaming Body Wash InStyle's Beauty Writer Swears By

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Body wash isn’t a sexy beauty product. If you prefer it over bar soap, it’s a part of your daily beauty routine that falls into the same category as toothpaste and deodorant—essentials that you don’t really think twice about, and you’ll often pick up whatever’s on sale.

At least, that’s how I used to feel about body wash before I started using Dove’s Shower Foam.

No single beauty product on my desk has attracted more attention than this foaming body wash. A handful of colleagues who’ve spotted the bottle as they were walking by have stopped just to tell me just how obsessed they with it. By the third person I was sold, so I brought it home that night to try the next morning.

And my showers have never been the same.

What’s so special about this body wash? Surprisingly, a whole lot. The foam may seem gimmicky, but it actually helps you dispense the just the right amount of body wash you need without wasting any. This is a huge plus if you’re like me and somehow manage to use half of a bottle of gel or liquid body wash in a single shower. It has a light, airy lather that deeply cleanses and nourishes skin without stripping it of its essential oils. Confession: When I dry-off post-shower, my skin feels so soft and smooth that I often skip moisturizing with body lotion on most days.

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Dove Sensitive Skin Shower Foam 

The shower foam comes in a few different fragrances, but I love the Sensitive Skin one because my eczema-prone skin is temperamental. It has a soft scent that isn’t so fragrant that it’s overwhelming in the shower, or irritating for sensitive skin. The foam’s hypoallergenic status also offers extra reassurance that my skin will keep calm, too.

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I’m officially a convert, and make all of my showers foam parties.

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