This Is the Only Pimple Patch I've Found That Doesn't Dry Out My Sensitive Skin

And it’s making its U.S. debut today.

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Dots for Spots Pimple Patch
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I thought being an adult with acne was bad enough, but once I started using the prescription-strength creams my dermatologist gave me, everything got dryer and more sensitive. Oh, and my acne was by no means "cured." I stopped using those topical treatments and turned instead to some popular over-the-counter options, like pimple patches. I tried several brands of these popular little stickers, but nothing was able to help more than it hurt. Until I tried one from the UK.

The Dots for Spots Pimple Patches are making their stateside debut today after garnering praise and an impressive following across the pond (the brand's UK Amazon page has over 13,800 five-star ratings). I tried one on the moment I received a box (they come in sets of 24 or 60 patches) since I, of course, had a blemish that I wanted to eradicate. I followed the directions on the box, washed and dried my face, and applied one hydrocolloid sticker directly over the zit. I let it sit and resisted the urge to pick at it for about six hours — the brand says the sticker is safe to keep on your skin overnight as you sleep — and was amazed every time I looked in the mirror at how difficult it was to, err, spot. The translucent patch blended in seamlessly with my skin and, unlike other brands, didn't turn white with all of the gunk it was pulling out of my face.

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This lack of visibility was in no way a sign that the patch wasn't working. By the time I took it off, what started out as a glaringly obvious, red acne mark was now a much flatter, less noticeable area of my face that was quickly and easily masked with just a dab of concealer. But what I loved even more about my results was the fact that my skin's texture wasn't left dry, flaky, and itchy compared to how parched some other stickers have left it before. I also didn't experience any sensitivity like I have in the past and was happy to see an even tone where there once was red, aggravated skin.

Shoppers in the UK who tried the patches had equally encouraging experiences. One said they wished they "had found this product sooner." That same reviewer wrote that they deal with hormonal, cystic acne and that these patches greatly reduce their healing time. "I will happily walk around with one on without makeup on," they added.

Show your acne the door and order the Dots for Spots Pimple Patches from Amazon today.

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