I Tried Dieux's CBD-Infused Serum and These Are My Thoughts

Dieux's Deliverance Serum targets fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.

I Tried the Most-Anticipated Serum of the Year and These Are My Thoughts
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Retinol, vitamin C serum, and SPF are often considered the holy trinity of skincare products, all because they address the most common skincare issues: fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.

For anyone who's taken their skincare routine back to basics during the pandemic, Dieux's highly-anticipated serum called Deliverance targets all three concerns, plus it calms irritated skin.

Deliverance is formulated as a cannabinoid complex (CBD, CBG, and CBN) at specific percentages to soothe irritation, a blend of peptides to firm and minimize the appearance of expression lines, water lily extract to further calm skin, white tea for antioxidant protection, and niacinamide — the internet's favorite ingredient — to even out tone and texture.

The Review:

The serum is a milky gel that absorbs quickly and doesn't leave skin sticky — just slightly moist and glowy — so it layers well under makeup.

As someone with slightly reactive, sensitive skin, I experience a little bit of redness just from gently patting my face dry with a washcloth. When I apply deliverance on my freshly cleansed skin, I notice my redness go down, allowing me to go a little lighter on the concealer.

The fact that I can include Deliverance in my skincare routine regardless of what other products I'm using also does it for me. All of the ingredients play nice with other actives, including retinol.

Finally, I respect the research that goes into Dieux's products. Despite CBD popping up in skincare products at a dizzying rate, it's rarely clinically vetted. The brand did research to ensure the levels of cannabinoids in Deliverance are actually effective, plus ethically sourced, and they've also partnered with an anti-racist collective in the cannabis and cannabis-adjacent space that supports Black, Latinx, and Indigenous communities.

The same transparency goes for the rest of the formula's actives, the actual testing process, and how the brand arrived at the $69 price tag. All of which can be viewed on Dieux's website.

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In an industry where not everything is what it seems due to questionable marketing claims, I can't help but stan a brand that's willing to put nothing out there except the truth about their products and the expectations I should have using them.

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