Shoppers in Their 50s Credit This $11 Face Oil for "Buttery," Wrinkle-Free Skin

Even in desert weather.

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Shoppers in Their 50s Credit This Face Oil With Keeping Them Wrinkle-Free
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There are few beauty products as essential to my life as just plain jojoba oil, and I've been using Desert Essence's for over 10 years now. Between its reliable quality and the wonders its shampoo has worked for my hair, I trust the brand entirely — and going by the demand for its Restorative Face Oil, so do other shoppers.

Said jojoba oil is one of the key ingredients in the gold and purple vial, along with evening primrose, marula, argan, geranium, orange, and palmarosa oil. Jojoba oil is in many a product these days thanks to its profile: The wax ester contains a range of fatty acids, antioxidants and triglycerides, and is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. It's not heavy, and readily absorbs for a pretty sheen on your skin and hair.

Similarly, marula oil contains vitamin C along with the chemical epicatechin, so you're getting a hefty dose of antioxidants. And as dermatologist Sheila Farhang, MD, previously told Byrdie, evening primrose oil's anti-inflammatory properties make it great for eczema. Per one shopper in their 70s, a few drops of the oil's combination leaves their wrinkles "supple" even in desert weather — and as a 57-year-old added, using it for years has kept their skin smooth.

Desert Essence Restorative Face Oil

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The praise was confirmed by one more fan over 50, who said they appreciated how the formula softened their face and neck without feeling greasy. As a last user wrote, keeping the bottle around especially came in handy after they incurred a chemical burn; it walked back the damage, and lended their skin a "beautiful glow" and "texture like butter." They conclude by saying they're a lifer for it — a sentiment I can relate to.

If you'd like to try Desert Essence's Restorative Face Oil, get it for $15 at Amazon or $11 at iHerb.

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