Tackle the Sagging Skin on Your Neck With a Lifting and Firming Cream That Shoppers Say Really Works

Stressed About Your Neck? Shoppers Say This Anti-Aging Cream Lifts Like No Other

The Zoom meetings aren’t going to stop any time soon.

If you've neglected the delicate skin on your neck, it's not too late to turn back the clock. Implementing a targeted neck treatment into your regimen can halt loss of elasticity and lift sagginess more powerfully than your regular moisturizer. And if there's one worth grabbing it's the Dermelect Self-Esteem Neck Cream that shows visible results in as little as two weeks, according to loyal users.

The lifting and firming cream has five key ingredients that quickly get to work on the neck, lower jaw, and chin area. Beta-hydroxy acid, also known as salicylic acid, exfoliates the skin to reveal smoother texture, while alpha-hydroxy acid corrects discoloration and boosts collagen production. You'll also find that nourishing ingredients avocado oil and shea butter bring a dose of fatty acids that strengthen the skin barrier and minimize existing age lines. Last but not least, green tea extract guards against sun damage. 

Dermelect recommends applying the treatment starting at the back of your neck in downward motions before slowly working your way to the front. The remainder should be massaged across the décolletage in an outward direction. 

Dermelect Self-Esteem Neck Cream
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Shop now: $45; dermelect.com 

The anti-aging cream has gotten high praise from Dermelect shoppers who say it surpassed their expectations better than more expensive products they've tried in the past. Several reviewers with mature skin say their "turkey neck" has practically disappeared after religiously applying the cream day and night. Its non-greasy formula has won over plenty of others who appreciate how fast it absorbs into the skin. 

"There are many products on the market that make unrealistic promises, but the Self-Esteem Neck Cream seems to make a difference," wrote one shopper. "My neck looks smoother, and that alone makes me feel more confident."

"I don't know what magic Dermelect discovered for aging neck lines, but it's all contained in this product," said another. 

Turn more attention towards your neck by grabbing the Dermelect Self-Esteem Neck Cream for $45.