Retinol Has Met Its Match: This Alternative Cream Reverses Aging With Zero Negative Side Effects

“There's absolutely no peeling like there is with retinol and tretinoin cream," said one reviewer.

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The People Have Spoken: This Retinol-Alternative Cream Leaves Skin as Smooth as "Cashmere"
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Retinol is touted as liquid gold for preventing signs of aging on the skin — but not without some caveats. While users can reap plenty of benefits from the ingredients' potency, redness, irritation, and peeling are common side effects for those with sensitive skin, leading many to skip using retinol in their regimen altogether. That's where retinol alternatives, such as the Dermelect Flawless Bakuchiol Treatment, are gaining traction in the skincare industry.

Derived from the seeds and leaves of the Asian plant Psoralea corylifolia, the ingredient bakuchiol has been coined "nature's retinol" for a reason: It offers the same age-defying benefits to the skin as retinoids, yet without any of the negative side effects. As board-certified dermatologist Dr. Melanie Palm previously told InStyle, "Bakuchiol does not chemically resemble retinols and retinoids, but it is shown through lab studies, genetic expression, and clinical application to the skin to induce many of the same anti-aging changes as the vitamin A derivatives we as dermatologists have loved for decades."

Dermelect Flawless Bakuchiol Treatment

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Therefore, it's no surprise that the newly launched Flawless Bakuchiol Treatment has already earned positive responses. The gentle formula reverses signs of aging, sun damage, and congestion by boosting collagen production and strengthening the skin's barrier function. Alongside the main ingredient bakuchiol, antioxidant-rich botanicals green pea and ginger root improve elasticity on sagging areas of the face and neck, and calm inflammation from pollution. As an added bonus, the nourishing cream is "sunshine approved," meaning users can apply it both morning and night without experiencing sun sensitivity.

Reviewers are so impressed with the results they've seen from the treatment; one person claims their skin feels as smooth as "cashmere," while another says their skin pigmentation from sun damage appears as though it's been "reduced by 90 percent in a month" of use.

"It effortlessly glides onto the skin and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth," wrote one shopper. "I love the plant-sourced ingredients and retinol-free formula. The applicator that is included makes the application luxurious. This is my new staple treatment."

"I absolutely love this product and think it's better than retinol," shared another. "Of all the products I have tried, this has been one of the greatest. Immediately after use, your skin feels supple, smooth, and hydrated. After using it for only a week, I already notice a difference in how my skin feels and looks. My hyperpigmentation is less noticeable, my skin is softer, and there's absolutely no peeling like there is with retinol and tretinoin cream."

If you're tired of putting your skin through the ringer with retinol, opt for the Dermelect Flawless Bakuchiol Treatment instead. It's available for $59 on the brand's website.

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