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Your lips might be sealed when it comes to announcing your age to the world, but that body part might be giving it all away regardless. Like the eyes, the lips and the skin around the mouth are subject to fine lines and wrinkles by nature. It’s a delicate spot on the face physiologically—the lips don’t have the protective outer layer of skin like the rest of your face does, and they are also prone to dryness.

One common solution to the signs of aging around the mouth and on the lips are fillers, and while it’s not a permanent fix, they’re amazingly effective. But say you’re not ready for injectables just quite yet?

You could give Dermalogica’s new Nightly Lip Treatment ($49; a go. The anti-aging lip serum can be used on your lips, but also around the marionette lines that develop around the mouth.

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Made with ingredients like Indian Gentian and sesame seed extract, as well as shea butter, hyaluronic acid, among others, the formula works to firm, moisturize, and restore the barrier function that protects the area.

"This rich formula represents a new generation of lip therapy, one that goes beyond hydration," explains board-certified dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe. "The ingredients were thoughtfully blended to slow down the aging process of the lips and entire perioral area. It actually firms the skin, smoothing out the laugh lines and those creases that extend down from the corners of the mouth, so called marionette lines, or pre-jowl area, as well as those fine lines that develop right around the lips themselves."

You might think these lines are only caused by habits like smoking, but Dr. Bowe says you could never smoke a day in your life and still develop them, as they're a common result from movements and motions like puckering, smoking and pursing your lips.

The formula dispenses out of a cool metal tip, and you apply it on your lips and the lines around the mouth and then gently massage it in.

Another reason it might be your first preventative choice against fine lines and wrinkles? It's affordable. You can score a mini tube for only $49.