Dermalogica's Fizz Mask "Bubbles Out" Blackheads From Clogged Pores

Shoppers Say This Mask Is 'Like a Miracle' for Blackheads

And it works in just five minutes. 
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Back in the days when shopping was mostly in person, a surefire mark of something's popularity was whatever stores couldn't keep in stock. The hunt is thrilling, but these days if you can't find your favorite moisturizer at first search, it's usually still just a few clicks away. But when a product like Dermalogica's blackhead-clearing mask is sold out both on Amazon and at Ulta, it's a safe bet that it works well enough to snap up at one of the few places you still can

According to the shopping recommendation website Narrativ, searches for Dermalogica's fizz mask are up over 1,000 percent. If you haven't heard of it, the mask is the rare one that outlasted the bubbling mask trend of a few years ago, because according to shoppers, its blackhead-clearing prowess extends beyond a fun gimmick. Instead, reviews say it's a "must have" for acne-prone and combination skin, and it's able to deep-clean pores and remove clogs and dirt within five minutes. 

One Dermstore shopper notes that it's "awesome for blackheads," with others on Dermalogica's website writing that it "totally bubbles out all the blackheads from pores" to reveal clearer skin in one use. The praise keeps coming: Others say that after aeons of searching for an instant blackhead cure, the mask is "like a miracle," bidding blackheads goodbye in minutes. 

Dermalogica Clear Start Blackhead Clearing Fizz Mask
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Twenty-nine other people on the brand's website mention how well it works to eradicate blackheads, yet remains gentle enough to use every other day. After five days with the mask, one shopper says she's seen no breakouts and much fewer blackheads. Another writes that her boyfriend has "beyond the worst blackheads, and after using this a few times, the amount he had changed forever," traded in for smooth, soft skin. 

It helps that it's a thrill to watch your clogged pores disengage in real time. "It's so fun that it bubbles up and literally washes away your blackheads," one person writes, and while the fizzing "definitely does tickle," after the first use they could tell their skin was dramatically better. "It really does clear your pores of any blackheads. I used to use those nose strips, but this product does a way better job." 

Others say they've never experienced anything like it, but it "truly cleans out your blackheads," so well that they plan to "purchase over and over." On top of that, it leaves their skin super soft and clear, even prone-to-clogging nose pores minimized. I know: Prodding out blackheads is one of the most fulfilling activities in existence. But if you want to skip the potential scarring and angry aftermath, this five-minute fizz mask is the do-no-harm route.