Middle-Aged Shoppers Say This Best-Selling Serum Makes Skin Look "Firmer, Clearer, and Younger"

“My skin glows and [my] acne has largely disappeared.”

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Middle Aged Shoppers Say This Best Selling Serum Makes Skin Look "Firmer, Clearer, and Younger"
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When Oprah gives something her stamp of approval, you pay special attention. As is the case with sustainable skincare brand, Dermalogica; last year, she called its customer-loved Daily Microfoliant a "superstar" — high praise from someone with such influence and excellent taste.

The face scrub gets a lot of attention (as it should), but don't let it overshadow Dermalogica's other showstoppers like this editor-approved body oil or highly-rated Age Bright Clearing Serum. This serum tackles two issues at the same time: clearing and preventing breakouts and reducing signs of aging. It's a tall order, but 900-plus five-star reviews indicate that the brand has created a successful product. A middle-aged shopper wrote that regular use of Age Bright left them with "firmer, clearer, and younger[-looking] skin."

age bright clearing serum

Shop now: $69; dermalogica.com

The first ingredient of note is Dermalogica's Age Bright Complex, which includes salicylic acid. If you're a skincare buff, you'll recognize salicylic as one of the chemical exfoliants known as beta hydroxy acids (BHAs). It penetrates deep into pores to, in a sense, loosen and get rid of the impurities and dead skin cells that cause breakouts and congested skin. But the complex also synchronizes with your skin's microbiome (which contains healthy, useful bacteria) to generate clear, bright skin.

But that is only half of the puzzle. The anti-aging benefits come from a slew of ingredients, the first of which is niacinamide, a type of vitamin B that improves skin texture while reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. Resurrection plant is the other major, yet under-the-radar, anti-aging ingredient in this formula. Although it's yet to become a household name, studies have found that it increases radiance, battles sun damage, and promotes elasticity.

Several shoppers note the frustration and bliss of looking for and finally finding a product that simultaneously handles acne and aging. "[I am dealing with the twin concerns of adult acne and wanting to prevent premature aging… [Age Bright Clearing Serum] has changed the texture and appearance of my skin. My skin glows and [my] acne has largely disappeared." Another Dermalogica reviewer wrote that the Age Bright Serum also immediately imparts "a subtle glow with a matte finish" that garners tons of compliments and makes them look like they have makeup on.

Head to Dermalogica to pick up a bottle of Age Bright Clearing Serum, which shoppers say will effectively tackle the double whammy of acne and aging.

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