Demi Lovato's Makeup-Free Selfie Embraces Her Freckles

Brb, drawing some on.

Demi Lovato - LEAD
Photo: Noam Galai/Getty

Could Demi Lovato be anymore radiant? While we’re pretty much always for all of her beauty looks (girlfriend basically brought back body glitter, FYI), her latest no-makeup selfie is just plain stunning.

Seeing celebrities embracing their freckles is always a happy surprise (remember when Kylie did it?), and Demi, a Hollywood role model with it comes to self love and body positivity, did just that yet again with her latest snap that highlighted her freckles.

As the founder of a skin-care brand, Devonne by Demi, the singer is regularly posting up-close pics of her skin, along with info on her all time favorite products. And to that we say... more, please!

It looks like Demi (who has, like, amazing eyebrows, btw) is off on some beacy vacay (her wet hair kinda gives it away), so as you can imagine, our jealousy is through the roof.

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