This Sunscreen Mist Keeps My Makeup Intact and My Skin Protected All Day Long

Trust me, I'm a sunscreen snob.

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CLEAN SLATE: This Sunscreen Mist Keeps My Makeup Intact and My Skin Protected All Day Long
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We all know that we're supposed to reapply sunscreen every two hours, but if I spend a lot of time on my makeup, the last thing I want to do is apply a lotion on top of it throughout the day. Call me vain, or lazy, but I prefer to keep my makeup intact than reapply SPF and mess up my look.

Thankfully, sunscreen mists are an easy fix for this problem. Unlike creams that you have to rub in, or powders which at times can make your face look cakey, sunscreen mists make you look dewy — and that's what I always go for.

However, I have very acne-prone skin, so I need to be careful of the formulas I use. Also, I'm very into sun protection, and while several sunscreen mists have a decent SPF, I like to use formulas that have at least SPF 35.

Thankfully, COOLA's Classic Face Mist Sunscreen has an SPF 50, is non-greasy, feels hydrating, and doesn't make my skin break out. To me, it's a total dream.

coola. Suncare Classic Face Organic Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50 review

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The formula comes out in a fine, smooth mist that dries down quickly. It's perfect for touch-ups over makeup, after a sweaty workout, and while out and about. I love that it's water-resistant too, making it perfect for beach days and general humidity.

And since we love a multi-purpose product, it's worth mentioning some of the key ingredients in the formula. For starters, it has prickly pear extract which soothes irritated skin and is a natural antioxidant, which helps fight free radicals. It also has Buriti oil which has major anti-aging benefits, as it's rich in vitamin A. Other star ingredients are licorice root extract, which is great for brightening dull skin, moisturizing glycerin, and meadowfoam seed oil, which works as an emollient to seal moisture.

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Keeping this sunscreen mist in my bag makes reapplying easy, and knowing that it has skin benefits other than sun protection is motivation enough to make me want to spritz it on my face throughout the day. I also apply it on my hands, neck, and when it's really sunny, I make sure to get it on my hair part, too. (And no, it doesn't weigh my hair down.)

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