Shoppers Say This Exfoliant Erases Dark Spots Like a "Magic Potion"

It leaves users’ skin “airbrushed” in the AM.

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Cocokind Turmeric Illuminating Solution
Photo: Courtesy Cocokind

If you want skin as soft as a cat's ear, a great exfoliant will get you there. I'll never forget the first time I tried one: It was an acid-based toner that left my skin radiating from within, and vanished my persistent redness and acne. I was impressed to see such noticeable results so quickly, but my case was no exception, according to fans of Cocokind's Turmeric Illuminating Solution.

The indie brand's concoction blends low percentages of mandelic, glycolic, and polyhydroxy acids (to gently exfoliate skin), so when people in the comments discuss how the formula "immensely" minimizes their rough texture and large pores, it makes sense. As one person said, it also "dramatically" lightened their dark spots — so much so that their hyperpigmentation was "almost fully gone."

Glycolic acid is one of the oldest tricks in the skincare book, thanks to its propensity for encouraging new collagen growth and smoothing fine lines. Meanwhile, dermatologists call polyhydroxy acid (PHA) a hero for clogged pores and stimulating cell turnover, and mandelic acid a gentle giant for soothing sensitive skin thanks to its larger molecular size. End game: brighter and softer skin that's left hydrated thanks to PHA's moisture-drawing benefits.

Turmeric Illuminating Solution

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The powerful exfoliating trio is paired with turmeric root and oat extracts that lend free radical-defending antioxidants to the solution. As fans in the 45 to 54 age range wrote, the effects are apparent: It nicely firmed their skin, left their texture unbelievably soft, and made such a noticeable difference that one shopper dubbed it a "magic potion."

Another customer over 65 asked if it was available to "buy by the vat", and one shopper credited it with their skin's "airbrushed look" (it's so brightening, another person said they no longer need concealer). Per users, the liquid's thicker consistency makes it feel more like a serum than a toner — and because three drops of the "liquid gold" is enough to see results, they estimate a bottle will last about a year.

Try it for yourself and shop Cocokind's Turmeric Illuminating Solution for $24 at the brand's website.

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