Now you can save those bottles of Perrier, and you know, drink them.

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Every once in a while, you hear about beauty trends that push the boundaries. Washing your face with sparkling water? Well, that just seems ridiculous, but it could also be really cool. However, in the service of not spending more of my hard-earned editorial dollars on sparkling water that I will pour down the drain, I waited on this trend. But then, a truly innovative product fell into my lap. From there on out I have been obsessed with the Laneige Brightening Sparkling Water Foam Cleanser. Read on to find out why.

What It's Called:

LANEIGE Brightening Sparkling Water Foam Cleanser

How Much It Will Set You Back:

Two of those Indie Fresh smoothies I'm obsessing over... or $23;

What Makes It Special:

Carbonated bubbles detoxify skin and promote circulation to unveil a more luminous look. Sparkling water also creates an antioxidant effect to decrease wrinkles and minimize pores. This product is formulated with Multi-fruit BSC, a natural AHA to remove dead skin cells.

Who’s It For?:

People looking to brighten their skin tone and gently exfoliate — appropriate for all skin types

When to Use It:

Use this product morning and/or night. Apply to face dry, gently massaging foam in circular motions for one minute, wet hands and continue to massage into face for one minute. When you rinse, you'll feel tingly and fresh, but not tight or dry.

What It Feels Like:

Similar to shaving cream or what you would imagine a cloud feels like.

What It Smells Like:

Fresh lemon, citrus, and sugar.

What the Experts Are Saying:

Beauty/skincare YouTuber Elaine Mokk says, "It's so revitalizing and refreshing! Kind of like having a cool soda on a hot day. It has a creamy, whipping foam texture. It’s gentle and easy to apply on the skin, and most importantly, it leaves the skin feeling clean, lightly hydrated, and brighter. This is a really unique product because of the way it’s dispensed. I would highly recommend this cleanser to those looking for a cleanser that helps you achieve radiant skin.”

What the Internet Is Saying: