I Love This Moisturizer Made From Leftover Winemaking Scraps

Yet another reason why it pays to compost.

As the idiom goes, "one man's trash is another man's treasure." In the case of Circumference's Active Restorative Moisturizing Cream, leftover leaves from winemaking is the hero ingredient in the formula, offering antioxidant protection as it promotes cell turnover for more smooth, radiant skin.

Since launching in 2018, the NYC-based brand has kept sustainability top of mind with its recyclable packaging. This past fall, the brand pushed their efforts further with this moisturizer. They partnered with Bedell Cellar, a sustainable vineyard in Long Island to source the leaves, which get extracted into the formula's vitis vinifera (grape leaf) extract. Then, the mulch is returned to the vineyard to be used as compost.

As for the actual moisturizer, in addition to recycled grape leaf extract, it also contains snow mushroom extract, a humectant that intensely hydrates and plumps, as well as a combination of peptides to boost collagen production and elasticity for firmer skin.

Circumference Active Restorative Moisturizing Cream

To shop: $120; circumferencenyc.com

Here's why I've been using this moisturizer twice a day for the past couple weeks.

Even though it's a rich, thick cream, it miraculously absorbs quickly into my skin, leaving a slight (not greasy) glow. In the morning, I can layer sunscreen and makeup over it without it ever pilling. And the very, very, subtle floral scent is a nice bonus.

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Who would have thought your compost pile would end up in your skincare routine?

The Splurge is our recurring column dedicated to expensive beauty products that are worth it. This week, why we're rebuying Circumference's Active Restorative Moisturizing Cream despite the $120 price tag.

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