Chris Pratt - Bad Fake Tan
Credit: Samir Hussein/Getty

Everyone remembers their first self-tanner mishap or professional spray tan gone bad. Whether you experimented with a DIY self tanner or went to a salon but ended up splotchy and orange, you'll never forget the traumatizing experience. Just ask Chris Pratt.

For his role in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Pratt had to step into the spray tan booth and came out with one of the biggest spray tan struggles that we've all experienced too many times to count. His arms were a whole lot darker (and orange) than the rest of his body. Instead of wearing long-sleeved shirts until the tanner washes off like most of us would do, Pratt fought the stigma around bad fake tans everywhere by showing off his mismatched tan on Instagram.

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Fingers crossed Pratt was able to avoid getting fake tanner on his fancy Hawaiian shirt. If not, we have some tips for getting fake tan stains out of everything.