By Erin Lukas
Updated Apr 01, 2019 @ 10:00 am
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Credit: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

I stan Chloë Grace Moretz's red carpet beauty looks. The actress isn't afraid to really lean into makeup and hair trends, whether it's a block of violet eyeshadow swiped all over her eyelids or a sparkly hair pin clipped into her shiny blonde hair. I follow Moretz's hair and makeup artists on social media to find out what products they use, and photos of her dominate my saved collection of red carpet beauty looks.

And underneath all of the double tap-worthy makeup, the 22-year-old's approach to skincare is refreshingly low-key. Her regular routine consists of just a couple of steps: washing her face with olive oil and honey followed by SK-II's Facial Treatment Essence. Morez's stripped down routine is exactly what drew her to SK-II's #BareFaceProject last summer. She posed in the brand's campaign with bare skin (save for SK-II's Facial Treatment Essence) and no re-touching.

Today, Moretz is continuing to live that bare-skinned life with SK-II's new YouTube video series, Bare Skin Chat, and is bringing late-night TV host James Cordon along for the ride. Instead of Carpool Karaoke, Cordon visits Moretz in her bathroom to talk skincare.Following the drop of the series' first episode, I caught up with Moretz on the phone to talk skincare, ASMR, plastic surgery, and more.

How has your outlook on your skin evolved since starting the #BareFaceProject last year?

It's changed my daily outlook on myself, even outside of my skincare routine. The campaign has given me so much more confidence and positivity on how my skin feels when it’s bare. When I’m in a situation where I’m wearing makeup like on a red carpet, I'm now more comfortable with wearing a look that's more translucent. That way I can really have my natural skin texture show through. The Essence, has really helped resurface my skin and get it to glow. I think my skin looks amazing on its own, which is a really big confidence booster when you’re in front of the camera so much.

Do you still follow a stripped-down routine?

Yes! I still just use the olive oil, sometimes honey, and then the SK-II Essence.

Have you heard of the new skin fasting trend? It’s where you completely stop using any products for a few days so that your skin “breathes” and “detoxifies.” Your routine reminds me of that. Did you experience any detox effects when you cut back on your routine?

The big thing I saw when I first started paring down my routine was a change in my skin as a whole. I went from having really dry to normal skin. I still have dry undertones because that’s the way my skin is, but it wasn’t like I had to constantly pile on moisturizer anymore. So, cutting back on the products I was using really helped even out my skin tone and the amount of oil it was producing, or lack there of.

You wear really colorful and fun looks from time to time. What’s your relationship with makeup?

When I do dress up and get my hair and makeup done, I think it’s always important for me to play into the fantasy. For me, it’s so much of a fairytale when you get to go to the red carpet and get all dolled up for something like the Vanity Fair after party. You have one night to do something that no one else has the opportunity to do, so I feel like you should take advantage of the moment and the fact that you get to work with truly incredible hair and makeup artists. Let them play and have a good time, and don't take it too seriously!

Going back to skin, tell me what it was like to teach James Cordon about skincare in these videos.

I think he was kind of clueless coming into it, but he’s also someone who is on a show nightly and he has to wear makeup on it. I know he has a little bit of a skin routine, but this gave him more of an idea about what he should actually be doing. He’s using the Essence now and it’s doing wonders from what I can see.

You need to get him onto the olive oil.

I know! I do need to get him some olive oil.

In series trailer you and James make an ASMR video. What are your thoughts on ASMR?

They [ASMR videos] kind of freak me out and I really don’t feel relaxed listening to them. The only ones I don’t mind are where they’re crunching soap. That’s kind of cool. But, I have a total phobia of the sound people make when they're chewing. So, those ones I can't partake in and they just make me want to scream.

Those videos really aren't relaxing. What is your self-care routine to help you wind down?

The big thing for me is making sure I get a workout in at least four times a week because it really helps clear my mind. Other than that, I need a good sweat — whether it’s a sauna or steam room. I think that getting my heart rate up really helps me calm down.

You’ve previously spoken about how you almost got plastic surgery when you were 16-years-old. Fillers have become so popular among your peers in Hollywood, but they don't really talk about getting work done. What are your thoughts on this?

I've always believed that it's important to have transparency with my fans. If I’m wearing a lot of fake hair and makeup on a red carpet, I’m always open about the fact that it took two hours and a team of people to make me look like that and that it's not natural.

To reach their own and everyone is entitled to their privacy, but I think that it’s helpful if you think about the young girls out there. I don’t think it hurts to think about transparency in what you’re doing with your routine. For me, that’s why doing the Bare Skin Campaign was so important because I was able to have that ultimate transparency with my fan base and the people that have grown up with me.

On the plastic surgery front, I think that it’s definitely a personal issue whether you want to tell the world about it or not. But, I definitely think it would be helpful to know that it’s not a natural look. I think that having a conversation and open discussion between you and your fan base is really important.