This Eye Cream De-puffed My Eyes and Hid All Evidence of My Cry Fest in Record Time

Charlotte Tilbury made me ready to face the day.

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Charlotte Tilbury Cyro Eye Serum
Photo: Courtesy Charlotte Tilbury

When I cry, it's a production. Once it starts, it comes pouring out like a broken dam. I get stuffy and I start breathing heavily, and it usually goes on for hours. It's like Alice in the animated Alice in Wonderland movie, when she starts crying so hard she floods the room she's in. My eyes always pay the price the next day and will look puffy, swollen, and as sad as I was. Usually, I just have to pray that my post-crying face will subside, but recently, I found an actual solution in Charlotte Tilbury's Cryo-Recovery Eye Serum.

There was a day earlier this week where I cried the entire day — literally every waking hour. The why is long and complicated, but in short, I was going through a sort-of breakup that came at a time when I was especially missing my late mother. The next morning, I woke up feeling better and ready to rejoin society, but my eyes were so puffy it was actually impairing my vision. I also had a very obvious post-crying face and didn't want to alarm strangers or coworkers. I was thinking through my options when I remembered that I had placed a tube of Charlotte Tilbury's Cryo-Recovery Serum in the fridge weeks ago.

I really threw this eye cream into the deep end, so if it didn't work, I wasn't going to write it off — this was a pretty extreme circumstance. To my utter surprise, it worked almost immediately.


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The metal tip felt cool and refreshing on my skin, but this worked better than other metal eye tools I have tried. It also worked incredibly fast; I spent around 45 seconds on each eye, and by the time I was done with the second, the first was already looking exponentially better and less swollen.

A metal tip is always helpful for de-puffing, but I think the real prowess of this eye cream is its impressive ingredient lineup. First off, there's caffeine, which is common in eye products since it stimulates blood vessels, making the affected area look bright and renewed.

There is also Iceawake, an extract "discovered under a melting glacier" in the Alps, according to its inventors. Honestly, that sounds refreshing enough to sell me, but the reported benefits of it are that it rejuvenates fatigued skin, improves radiance, and combats signs of sleep deprivation.

The last ingredient in Charlotte Tilbury's Eye Serum that helped give my eyes a refresh is an essence made from grapes frozen on the vine, which according to the brand, tightens, lifts, and blurs skin.

I haven't used this after a non-crying day, so I can't speak to how it works regularly. But with the results I saw, I will definitely continue to use this on days when my eyes are puffy and swollen, regardless of the reason. Head to Charlotte Tilbury to discover more about the $68 Cryo-Recovery Eye Serum.

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