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It’s a powerhouse ingredient for clearing out your pores, but is charcoal a hidden secret for your pits, too? Hear us out! While it’s no doubt a trend in skincare, charcoal has been popping up in deodorant formulas, too.

boscia’s new Charcoal Deodorant Powder Spray ($20; sephora.com) features binchotan white charcoal power, as well as activated bamboo charcoal, while Schimdt’s recently launched a Charcoal + Magnesium ($10; schmidtsnaturals.com) deo to their natural line. Falling into the natural or green beauty sphere, both products are free of aluminum.

So what benefits does this ingredient pop-up have for your armpits? boscia claims that its formula uses charcoal to help absorb sweat and other impurities while minimizing the appearance of pores, and Schmidt’s formula also uses it to help naturally control sweat and moisture.

Dr. Joshua Zeichner, the Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, agrees that charcoal’s skin-friendly qualities make sense for eliminating B.O.

"Charcoal can help absorb sweat, dirt, and from the skin, making is a popular ingredient to use to minimize odor in the underarm area,” he says. "It is touted for its purifying properties, however there is little data showing the topical charcoal application is truly detoxifying. The liver and the kidneys are the only organs that really filter and remove toxins from the body.”

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While we haven’t given Schmidt’s formula a go yet, boscia’s powder-based deo held up to its promises through several days at work and even got us through a few workouts odor-free. It dispenses in a grey super fine mist of powder, but you don’t have to worry about it settling or collecting as gray residue under your arms. It’s visually invisible once applied.

Ready to test it for yourself? Both buys are available now, so book yourself a workout class and throw it in your bag.