By Erin Lukas
Updated Dec 27, 2017 @ 3:00 pm
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Credit: Matteo Valle/Getty Images

Last January I was on a long weekend road trip to the Catskills in upstate New York with two of my friends. Thanks to Friday night NYC traffic and bad Google directions, our three-hour drive turned into four, so by the time we were actually off the highway and on the pitch black, winding back roads, my one friend started asking the car random, existential questions to keep us all from falling asleep.

I've always been interested in floral arrangement and stalk NYC florists like BRR Floral and Metaflora on Instagram, so when she polled the car on what we would do instead of our current professions, I chose florist. Fast-forward a year later, and I've yet to make floral arrangement my hobby, but I make up for it with both floral scented and infused beauty products, including Chantecaille's Water Flower Fluid, my go-to year-round moisturizer.

This milky oil-free moisturizer is enriched with vitamins A,C, and E derived from fresh oranges, plus a blend of brightening and hydrating botanicals which include jasmine, mimosa flower, and shea butter. The combination leaves skin smooth, soft, and with a radiant glow that hides the fact that you barely slept last night or that your complexion's extra dull because it's winter, and you miss all of the daylight sitting at your desk at work.

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Before I started using Water Flower Fluid, I only moisturized at night because I hated the greasiness of most formulas, and waiting for them to soak into my skin before putting makeup on in the morning. That's what's made me so loyal to this bottle. It eliminates the long dry time I've always associated with applying the product.

Instant absorption aside, rose and magnolia add the most subtle, pleasant, natural floral scent to this moisturizer which also makes me want to slather it on whenever possible. In fact, it's the reason moisturizing has become my favorite step in my skincare routine.