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This Anti-Dark Spot Serum Is Sold Every 30 Seconds Worldwide
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I’m a little bit obsessed when it comes to serums. I’ve been known to mix multiple during my nightly skincare routine like a cackling witch standing over a cauldron, and I probably know more about the benefits of a good vitamin C serum than I do about the benefits of vitamin C supplements. But for the past three months, I’ve found myself mixing serums less and less after discovering one product that seems to be doing the work of several — and it’s safe to say I have a new true love.

It’s Caudalíe’s Vinoperfect Radiance Serum, which has been a staple in skincare routines for so long, it just celebrated its 15th birthday. According to Caudalíe, a bottle of this anti-dark spot serum is sold around the world every 30 seconds, and it’s also been the number-one best-selling serum in French pharmacies since 2008. Considering how well the French know their skincare, this is all the proof I need that the product is worth buying.

While impressive stats are all well and good, a product also has to work well to be deserving of this much praise — and luckily, this one does. It’s made with a high concentration of Caudalíe’s patented Viniferine ingredient, which was created from grapevine sap extract to help brighten, correct dark spots, and overall promote the look of smoother skin, 62 times more effectively than vitamin C.

The product also contains hydrating olive squalane to moisturize the skin, and green grape to help boost radiance. The result is a milky, soft serum that melts into skin upon application and keeps you looking dewy for hours after use — even under moisturizer and sunscreen.

Since beginning to use this product twice a day — morning and evening — about three months ago, I’ve noticed a visible change in my skin. Dark spots from high-school acne breakouts finally began to fade from my cheeks, and recently active hormonal blemishes on my chin appear flatter and less aggravated more quickly than before. It also helps prevent new dark spots from forming, so even if I do break out with some of those pesky, deep cystic acne spots, they fade away without leaving a mark. Thankfully, my skin never feels greasy after applying it, so it’s comfortable enough to wear under makeup or before bed. This was never the case with other hydrating serums, which would always leave my skin sticky and make my makeup appear more cakey.

Customers also report seeing similar positive results in reviews of the serum on Caudalíe’s website. “When I turned 30, my skin was covered in melasma. Years of sun damage. I have literally done everything from lasers to bleach to peels,” one customer wrote. “This serum is wonderful! Will forever keep this in my regimen.”

I can honestly say that my skincare routine will never be without this serum either. At $79, it does have a higher price point, but considering how powerful it’s proven itself to be, it’s a worthwhile investment. Besides, the 30 ml bottle it comes in will net you more than enough product for a few months if you just use the recommended one to two drops in the morning and evening.

You can read up on the product and purchase it over at Caudalíe’s website.

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