Splash Mask - Lead 2016
Credit: Courtesy

Splash masks sound like the answer to every time-strapped person’s prayers: The water-based formulas are marked for in-shower use, and are said to produce results in as little as 15 seconds. But can a mask that makes contact with your skin for mere seconds before being washed away really make a difference?

N.Y.C.-based dermatologist Joshua Zeichner had the same question before delving deeper into the Korean-born trend. For optimum results, these formulas “should be left on the face for extended periods of time like any other mask,” says Dr. Zeichner. “The term splash just refers to the way it is applied rather than simply splashing on the product for a short contact treatment.”

According to to Dr. Zeichner, splashing the mask on clean, freshly washed skin and allowing it to absorb for upwards of 15 minutes allows the actives to permeate the skin far better than an in-shower splash. If applied in this way, skin benefits are possible: “The only difference between a splash mask and a traditional mask is the way in which it is applied to the skin,” concludes Dr. Zeichner. Mind. Blown.