It’s okay to squeal.

By Kelly Bryant
Updated May 10, 2016 @ 10:00 am
Getty Images

There are a lot of beauty innovations that get us pumped up on a daily basis (like, basically any new product release from Urban Decay), but this one might take the cake. Scientists have developed a “second skin” that can smooth our wrinkles and under-eye bags.

So what the heck is a “second skin?” It’s an artificial form of our body’s largest organ constructed of a silicone polymer. It all comes together by applying two creams on your skin, effectively reducing the visible appearance of wrinkles and those unwelcome visitors — eye bags.

This stuff sounds like the kind of thing dreams (and sci-fi movies) are made of and, according to the study, could prove to be extremely beneficial to eczema sufferers in particular. It could also aid in sun protection if the proper SPF ingredients were used in tandem with the creams that form the second skin.

So how long could someone expect this magical potion to work in terms of clearing wrinkles and bags? In one experimental study of 25 people, they found it stayed on participants’ real skin through a 16-hour period. Hey, that’s enough to get you through a work day, happy hour, and home in time for a Netflix binge. Sign us up.