Buccal Facials Can Give You an Instantly Sculpted Jawline

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Buccal Facials Can Give You a Snatched Face For Days
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Contouring, microcurrent devices, face yoga — the list of things we'll do to sculpt our cheekbones and jawline seems to get longer by the day. And now, there's a new way for us to define and sculpt our facial features: buccal facials.

"Buccal massage, also known as intraoral massage, is a technique that works the muscles, ligaments, and lymph from the inside of the mouth," explains Guendalina Gennari, a London-based facialist and massage therapist. "They're the best thing you can do to release tension and give yourself a non-surgical facelift."

Not to be confused with buccal fat removal, which is a surgery that entails removing the buccal fat pads on each side of the face for permanently chiseled cheeks, buccal facials target the same area but are a lot less invasive and temporary. They're likely nothing like you've ever experienced before at a spa, but they offer results that rival every other offering on the menu.

To better understand what they are and what they can do for our skin and cheekbones, we tapped two facialists who specialize in buccal facial massages to break down everything you need to know.

What Is a Buccal Facial Massage?

As mentioned above, they're facials that involve your therapist inserting their hands into your mouth to massage and sculpt your skin from the inside. "[They] address the muscle tissue from the outside of the face and the inside by way of intra-oral manipulation," explains Kristen May Lee, a facialist at Onda Beauty in New York City.

What Does a Buccal Facial Massage Entail?

For starters, your therapist will put on new latex gloves before entering your mouth. However, Gennari says her buccal facials start on the outside — she prefers to loosen up the muscles and release a bit of tension before moving on to the next steps. She says she likes to work on one side at a time as "we always have one side that is tenser than the other."

Once the muscles have been loosened, she puts her thumb on the inside of the mouth and starts working the cheek and jaw by moving the stagnations of liquids and releasing tension. "It's very important to work around the orbicularis of the mouth and around the nose to open up the sinus and remove liquid," she says. After that, she uses her index fingers to go deeper into the cheek to lift and sculpt with circular motions.

Lee adds that it's very important to work with a therapist who really understands facial anatomy, and when she does buccal facials, she says she focuses on lymphatic drainage. "More drainage is extra de-puffing with a good dose of brightening through oxygenated blood flow," she explains.

Both experts say that the process is relatively pain-free, but Gennari says that the sensation varies depending on how much tension the client is holding in their jaw. "It's more of a sensation of release," she adds.

What Are the Benefits Of Getting a Buccal Facial Massage?

Gennari says that buccal massage can really change your face. Of the many benefits, she says that clients can expect to feel less tension in the jaw area. It will also help with lymphatic drainage, a noticeable decrease in puffiness, help to stimulate the ligaments and fascia of the muscle. Plus, there will be an increase in symmetry, and the face will look more sculpted.

However, Lee adds that results vary from person to person. "The more a client receives this facial throughout the span of a month, the more we can rebuild on the initial results," she furthers.

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How Often Should You Get a Buccal Facial Massage?

For the best results, Lee suggests getting five done over seven weeks, and that after that, going in once a month is perfect for maintenance. "This will really slow down the aging process and limit more invasive work down the line. In some cases it's as good as replacing it, or enhancing it," she says.

Can You DIY a Buccal Facial Massage?

Technically, you can massage your face from the inside for a relaxing effect, but don't use too much pressure. In fact, Gennari suggests against it. "We have a lot of important nerves inside the mouth and very sensitive muscles" she explains. "To be able to do this kind of massage you really need to know what you are doing, otherwise you can create more issues."

Can Anyone Get Buccal Facial Massages?

Yes, but with limitations. Lee suggests waiting at least three weeks post-Botox or fillers to prevent moving them around. Additionally, Gennari warns that people with acne-prone skin should proceed with caution as "there is a stimulation — not only of the muscles and the liquids — but even of the sebaceous glands," which she says could spread inflammation.

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