BTS Launches Some Seriously Dynamite Temporary Tattoos

Jimin is already permanently tattooed on our hearts, he might as well be tattooed on our skin too.

BTS/Temp tattoo launch
Photo: NBC/Getty Images

Today is a particularly good day to be ARMY!

We're still recovering from the surprise bombshell that the Bangtan Boys are blessing us with a second annual Bang Bang Con, and today we're being gifted a new, never-before-seen variety of BTS merchandise: temporary tattoos!

BTS has partnered with Inkbox for a collection of temp ink inspired by "Dynamite," the Grammy-nominated hit single that's become less of a pop song and more of a juggernaut since its drop a few months ago. The bright and fizzy song shattered streaming and download records in 2020 and, more importantly, acted as the musical equivalent of a dose of serotonin in an otherwise bleak year.

BTS/Temp tattoo launch

"Inking a deal with a partner as iconic as BTS is incredibly exciting for the Inkbox community," said Inkbox CEO and co-founder, Tyler Handley. "Our brand is all about self-expression and inclusivity, and we think BTS celebrates those same values."

The merch drop consists of 11 specially designed temporary tattoos that channel the pop-disco aesthetic of the "Dynamite," including some of our favorite, instantly iconic choreography moments.

Who can ever forget V's Gucci-clad figure posing while he lights the night alight? I, for one, see it whenever I close my eyes. I might as well already have it tattooed on my skin, since it's already tattooed on my heart.

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Each individual tattoo in the BTS collection retails for $16 to $20. And for those ARMYs who must have the whole set, it can be yours for $130.

Of course there's a bonus gift too! With every order, you'll receive one of three special edition 8x10 collectible prints featuring an illustration of the retro-fab "Dynamite" aesthetic.

BTS/Temp tattoo launch

The semi-permanent technology of Inkbox's tattoos will last for one to two weeks. Every tattoo is skin-safe, waterproof, and cruelty-free. The specially designed packaging of this collection is sourced from 100% sustainable materials.

While this collection will absolutely sell out (like all really great BTS merch before it), fear not, ARMY: this is only the first drop in a year-long series of collaborations. InkBox and Bangtan will collaborate again and, if all my dreams come true, here's hoping Inkbox makes us some Jungkook-style hand tats next time.

BTS/Temp tattoo launch

Shop Now: Inkbox's BTS Temporary Tattoo 'Dynamite' Collection

  • Complete Collection — $130;
  • Shooting Stars — $16;
  • Dynamite Logo — $20;
  • Retro Flowers — $16;
  • BTS Silhouette — $20;
  • RM Silhouette — $18;
  • Jin Silhouette — $18;
  • SUGA Silhouette — $18;
  • J-Hope Silhouette — $18;
  • Jimin Silhouette — $18;
  • V Silhouette — $18;
  • Jungkook Silhouette — $18;
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