By Instyle
Updated May 27, 2016 @ 12:15 pm
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Credit: Art By Elysia Berman

“Do you want this Brazilian Bum Bum cream?” I work in beauty, so this question, which came from my coworker, didn’t even phase me.

In fact, beauty products that cater to your derriere aren’t all that common, so I was happy to see what incorporating Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream ($45; into my routine could do. I already have products I use for my elbows, knees, feet, nail beds, and chin… so what’s adding one more product to the lineup?

So, before I break down my experience with using this product, I should note it’s not just for your butt. You can use it on your arms, legs, stomach, what have you, though, I might not slather it on my face.

This creamy, medium-weight lotion is meant to obviously hydrate using ingredients like coconut oil and cupuaçu butter, but it’s also made with guaraná, which has caffeine in it to tighten up areas of the bod you apply it to.

If you don’t like tropical-smelling products, you can rest assured, it’s not overly powerful — and you won’t feel like you dumped your smoothie all over your legs.

So, I started adding it to my routine. Every morning after I showered, I would apply it to my legs, arms, and like the name implies, my bum.

It absorbs really fast and almost feels like a whipped moisturizer verses your standard lotion, which is important because nobody wants to wait an extra three minutes to let a product soak in when you’re already behind schedule and you promised yourself you’d get in to work early….

It leaves your skin silky soft, and while I can’t vouch for how toned my upper legs looked (until last week, it was freezing in NYC, so shorts weren’t happening), but they my stems felt lovely.

So will Bum Bum Cream be a beauty regular? You bet—going into summer, it’s sitting front and center.