Body art made easy.

By Kelly Bryant
Updated Sep 09, 2016 @ 10:00 am
Body Marbling - Lead 2016
Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty

Festival season may have closed, but you haven't seen the last of its beauty trends. Body marbling picked up a lot of steam in the circuit and people are still talking, with good reason.

Teen Vogue brought the DIY fad to our attention and we instantly fell in love. Marbling is the act of creating mesmerizing acrylic body art without the stress of doing something permanent. The look washes off pretty easily and is just as quick to create. Black Light Visuals initated the trend, bringing vats of water and myriad acrylic paints for festival goers to dip appendages into, creating a "marbled" tattoo effect (think of the marbled manicure tutorials we've seen a lot of, but on a bigger scale).

Essentially how it works is buckets of salt water are mixed with floaty layers of paint. When you dip, say, an arm into the bucket the salt water helps adhere the paint to your body. It's then suggested you put the same arm into water again to make sure the color doesn't end up staining your clothes (which could make any beauty trend die real quick).

Since no two "designs" could really end up being alike, it's a fun way to express yourself without ever having the same look more than once. And the results are all kinds of trippy.