Tatcha's Latest Body Care Collection Brings the Peaceful Outdoors to Your Bathroom

It's inspired by the Japanese stressed-reducing practice of forest bathing.

Tatcha Forest Awakening Body Collection Launch
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If going for a walk in the park or a hike on a trail clears your mind whenever you're dealing with intense moments of stress, there's science behind why either activity always seems to make you feel better.

In addition to physical activity, breathing in fresh air filled with plant compounds can actually lower stress. This concept is at the core of forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku, the Japanese practice of spending time in nature for its physiological and psychological benefits. In addition to relaxing the mind, shinrin-yoku is said to also reduce blood pressure, boost immunity, and improve both concentration and memory.

Inspired by the ritual of forest bathing and the work of Dr. Qing Li, Md, PhD, one of the leading experts in forest medicine, Tatcha founder Vicky Tsai has harnessed the power of forest bathing into the brand's new Forest Awakening Body Care Collection, which aims to soothe the skin from head-to-toe .as well as your mind.

The collection consists of a three-step ritual: the Hinoki Body Wash, Hinoki Body Milk, and Hinoki Body Oil. All three products offer deep hydration for dry skin and strengthen the skin barrier. They're also infused with the Forest Awakening essential oil blend: a combination of oils (cedar, hiba, and hinoki) that contain organic compounds (phytoncides) proven to reduce stress, lift your mood, and help improve overall well-being.

"In Eastern culture, we've long understood and studied the intrinsic link between mind and skin. When you are stressed or tired, it affects your skin. Using phytoncides in your daily routine can help to lower your stress levels, improve sleep, and boost your mood overall," Dr. Li tells InStyle. "With Tatcha's new collection, the goal is to harness the science of forest medicine through proven ingredients like phytoncides to deliver both mental and physical health benefits at once."

While Dr. Li says the effects of taking a day trip to a park or forest can last about a week, his research has found that even 20 minutes can reduce "negative emotions such as anxiety, depression, anger, fatigue, confusion, and increased positive feeling such as vigor."

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With fall approaching, the days of outdoor walks are limited through the rest of the year, but the scent of Tatcha's Forest Awakening collection may be the next best thing to a calming walk on a frigid morning. "In my studies, I have found that inhaling phytoncides alone – even outside of the direct forest environment – has many mental and physical benefits, like boosting immune function and reduction of stress hormones," Dr. Li says. "Inhaling these phytoncides helps awaken the senses and recreate the effect of forest bathing, whether in nature or at home."

Get a complete rundown on all three products in Tatcha's Forest Awakening Body Care Collection, below.

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Hinoki Body Wash

Tatcha Hinoki Body Wash

This refreshing, smoothing body wash is infused with cellulose for gentle exfoliation while the blend of Forest Awakening essential oils (cedar, hiba, and hinoki) works to reduce stress and boost your mood.

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Hinoki Body Milk

Tatcha Hinoki Body Milk

Don't underestimate the lightweight texture of the Hinoki Body Milk. It deeply nourishes the skin and strengthens its barrier, all with a radiant (not greasy) finish. It features plant-based squalane, peach tree leaf extract, and the Forest Awakening essential oil blend.

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Hinoki Body Oil

Hinoki Body Oil

While many body oils turn you into a walking slip-and-slide, the Hinoki Body Oil is an exception thanks to its fast-dry formula that doesn't leave a coat of grease on the skin. It's infused with a blend of natural oils to help seal in moisture and smooth rough patches.

The Tatcha Forest Awakening Body Care Collection is available now from $40 to $58 at tatcha.com.

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